Campaign Startup Pack

$ 299.00

This seven class package contains everything you need to start your own campaign.

It includes courses to determine how many votes you need to win, how to raise money, and even how to build your own campaign message. 

Included in the lessons are downloads, templates and examples for you to use immediately, including field worksheets to determine your vote goal, an example finance plan with contribution tracker, a campaign plan template and sample budget, and many more. 

The following classes are part of this bundle. You are free to take them in any order you like, but we recommend the following:

  1. Campaign Startup - You Campaign Plan
  2. How to Build a Field Plan
  3. Targeting Voters (Field Plan Part Two)
  4. How to Raise Money
  5. How to Build a Communications Plan
  6. How to Make an Ask
  7. How to Create Your Message