Complete Field Package

$ 250.00

Learn everything you need to know to build a modern, focused, winning campaign field operation. This five course bundle shows you how to figure out how many votes you need, where to find them, how to approach and track voters, and finally how to turn them out for Election Day.

The bundle includes:

  • Building a Field Plan - What's Your Win Number: Learn how to find out how many votes you need to win your election and what your vote goal is. This is the single most important number of your campaign.
  • Targeting Your Votes - Field Plan Part Two: Now that you know how many votes you need, where do you find them? This class shows you how to identify the groups and voters you need to meet your vote goal.
  • Contacting and Tracking Voters: Once you know how many votes you need and who they are, this class will show you how to approach them using traditional campaign tactics such as phone banking, canvassing and more. Additionally, this class teaches you systems to track your voters so you know exactly how many you have committed leading up to Electin Day.
  • Volunteers: Campaigns are a lot of work. The more volunteers you have helping, the better. But where do you find them and what should they do? This class explains the best practices for recruiting and putting volunteers to work meeting your goals.
  • GOTV: Once Election Day arrives, it is time to start turning out your voters to the polls. This class covers how to effectively Get Out the Vote, including strategies for advance voting and vote by mail.